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                      Why to Join With Facebook?

Social sites like facebook are the best place to make good online friends. Some social sites paying money for each and every activities and sharing the ad revenues with their members and people are interested in joining with this kind of revenue sharing sites
Some other social sites like facebook don't share any revenue with the members, but still people are interested in spending their time with this site due to the mass members and popularity. Face book is having a great fame and mass popularity, also a lot of members using this site and we have the ability to find our old friends and relatives in this site and keep communication with them. So lot of people are interested in spending their time with this sites even they don't pay us for our activities.
Also social sites allows us to share various things and we can share our photos, videos and other talents like writing, advertising, marketing and other things in social sites and get good traffic  and visitors to our site/blog, articles, photos, videos and other things using the social sites. Since we can make a lot of friends around world using the social sites and it is the best choice to promote our business and get more customers and clients to our service.

Most of the people using social sites to make good friends as well as promote their products, sites and other things. While promoting our things in social site we can get a lot of visitors from foreign countries and it is the best choice to promote and advertise our site and products. Also we have the ability to create videos and photos of our products and promote it using social sites. We have lot of freedom in social sites and we can use it in a good way to promote our business and increase our clients. 

Social sites like Facebook is the best place for the business persons and marketers to promote their products and get more new clients to their site and business, so lot of people are interested in spending their time with this kind of social sites and make new friends and clients to promote their products. Social sites are the best place to promote our articles and get more visitors and readers to our work. I am promoting my articles in various social sites and getting visitors from it
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              Careful With Facebook Applications

  Some people are very much interested in joining with facebook applications due to their  friends request, curiosity, making money and some other reasons. But we must be very careful while joining with a new facebook application. Some fb applications are very dangerous and the owner have the ability to hack our account and information, so we must give our concentration while joining with a new fb application.

As we know some people having fake profiles in fb and it is very hard to believe a person using their profile and information, as we have the ability to create multiple accounts in fb. Some people take advantages in it and creating multiple accounts and fake profiles and create some dangerous application with facebook. We must avoid joining with unknown and strange applications in fb.

As facebook don't force anyone to join with certain application and it is our own wish to join with an application or not. Some people creating a fake mail notification like fb and force users to join with their application. Don't believe this kind of fake notifications and join with this kind of application. Always make a search about the application and read the reviews before joining with a new group or application in fb, it is your safer side.
Accept the new friend request in facebook after checking the profile, don't accept friend and application requests blindly. If you shared your personal information in your fb profile, better to keep it in private manner and don't share your details in public manner. Most of the fb applications have the ability to access our account after joining with it. Always facebook give the notification and ask our permission before joining with a new application. If you suspect an application, don't join with it as well as don't give permission to it to access your account.
Some people sharing most of their life events, information as well as personal details in facebook and using this site as their diary. Surely this kind of persons must be very careful while dealing with this kind of unknown applications. Better to avoid joining with unknown applications if you shared most of your details in your facebook account
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